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Our team brings extensive training knowledge combined with our unconditional love for all dogs. We collectively work towards helping you establish the best possible partnership between you and your dog, as well as giving your dog the best possible life.

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    Steve Bunce

    Founder & Co-Owner

    Steve is the founder and co-owner of Domestic Dog Training. He is also Cortney's husband. Steve has been a dog enthusiast since before he could walk. Growing up, he had 3 dogs who followed him everywhere as he taught them commands and unknowingly started his journey towards becoming a professional dog trainer. Steve earned his Certified Professional Dog Trainer certification through National K-9 School for Dog Trainers. With this certification he is able to train dogs in multiple different areas such as basic/advanced obedience, behavior modification, breed identification, puppy development, personal protection and assistance dogs, to name a few.

    Outside of Domestic Dog Training, Steve is a life-long musician. He is known to pick up his guitar or sit down at the piano whenever the moment strikes. But, at the end of the day, dog training is his calling and it is hard to pull him away. (Trust us, we try.)

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    Cortney Penta

    Co-Owner & Manager

    Cortney is co-owner and manager of Domestic Dog Training, and is also Steve's wife. Cortney has been a dog lover and dog owner for her entire life. She has a background in Special Education, as well as music and fitness, but the decision to partner with Steve in the building of Domestic Dog Training was an easy one. Who doesn't want to work and play with dogs all day?

    Outside of Domestic Dog Training, Cortney continues to pursue her passion for fitness as a Personal Trainer, while also spending her free time training for triathlons. When she is not training herself or others, she can be found hiking, running, or aggressively snuggling with Hawk and Savannah, the two dogs of the Bunce/Penta family.

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    Kevin Larsen


    Kevin is a Certified Professional Trainer with extensive experience working with animals. Kevin grew up in Ohio and was active in his local 4H raising cattle and pigs and showing them at county fairs. Kevin has been passionate about dogs his entire life. Just ask his parents who are currently living with multiple stray dogs Kevin has brought home over the years. Interested in learning more about dog training, Kevin attended the National K9 School for Dog Trainers in 2019 with a rescue dog named Beck. During the course, Kevin took Beck from an uncontrollable rescue to a fully trained service dog, also earning certifications in basic/advanced obedience, personal protection, behavior modification and scent detection.

    When not training dogs, Kevin spends as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors of New England.

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    Cailey Clogston


    Cailey is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer with plenty of experience working with animals. Cailey has worked with animals through volunteering at local rescues, a job as a Veterinary Assistant, and growing up with dogs in her home. Cailey got certified as a dog trainer in February of 2022 by National K-9 School for Dog Trainers. Throughout the course she expanded her knowledge of dog behaviors, basic/advanced obedience, scent detection, personal protection, and service work. 

    Cailey currently lives with 3 dogs (Woody, Mookie, and Tommy) in her home and on occasion a 4th (Kodak) when her sister’s dog comes to play. On her days off she enjoys venturing outdoors with her dogs on hikes.

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    Front Desk Greeter / Doggy Vacuum Cleaner

    Steve and Cortney adopted Hawk in May of 2020 and couldn't be happier with him. He was in need of a home after swallowing a stuffed animal at 6 months old, (hence the doggy vacuum cleaner), and undergoing major surgery that the owner couldn't afford. After a local trainer decided he was not fit to be a working dog because he was "too friendly", we ended up with him!

    Now, you will most likely see Hawk greeting customers around the property, playing fetch, or still trying to eat everything and anything in sight, (it's a work in progress). If this giant, scar-faced dog is running at you, don't worry, he is indeed "too friendly".

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    The OD (original dog)

    The OD (original dog). The MB (Main B****). Girly, wormy, too many nicknames to count. This Catahoula Leopard Dog is the dog that started it all! Steve and Cortney got this sassy #catawhat from a local shelter and immediately struggled with training. We were in the same position most people are when they call us, thinking "Is this dog untrainable?!". We soon found out, no she is not. While she is still the same sassy girl we got years ago, she has come a long way and we don't know what we would do with out her.

    Now, you will most likely see Savannah... well, you probably won't see her because she loves to lounge in bed. When she is not in bed she loves going for hikes or runs, chasing chipmunks and moles, and going to Grammy and Grampy's where obedience and commands don't exist, and it is the land of endless cheese.

  • auggie small.png

    Hawk’s pint-sized sidekick / Front Desk Greeter #2

    Auggie is the quirky small dog that Cortney and Steve never thought they’d have. After completing a training program with us, it became clear that Auggie’s first home was simply not the best fit. (No biggie, it happens.) But while in training, everyone fell in love with this grumpy, yet sweet, little white Caton who pushed all of our buttons, only to make us laugh with his silly sneezing smile. It wasn’t much of a conversation, more like an unspoken understanding that Auggie would be rehomed to Steve and Cortney, expanding their pack to three. 

    Now, Auggie and Hawk make a great duo of office greeters, and otherwise, you can find Auggie wherever Cortney is… unless Grampa Bunce is around, then everyone else is chopped liver.

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